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Minari Paramotor

Assembly: Exhaust Muffler

(Exhaust Parts)

To install the Minari Exhaust Muffler, slide the Muffler (#76) onto the curved section at the end of the Exhaust and secure it using the two bolts (#78) to tighten the Muffler Brackets (#77) to the mounts on the main Exhaust section (#75).

Check the Muffler Suspension Bolts and Nuts (#79, 80 & 81) to ensure they are sufficiently tight. Also, check the position of the Upper Curved Section of the Exhaust (#74) to make sure the springs seal the connections, as these can be dislocated during shipping.

We recommend using safety wire or paraglider strings to secure your Exhaust Springs in case one breaks. This will keep the springs from falling from your aircraft or worse - going through your propeller and causing damage.

The next step in the assembly is the Spark Plug.

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