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Icaro PPG Helmets

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We are now importing directly and building great integrated PPG Com Helmets at an incredibly good price!

Starting with the Icaro Skyrider TZ and Solar-X Helmets, we are adding the Sena Tufftalk integrated Helmet Mount Communication System.

Special Packages include:

  • Icaro Helmet of your choice
  • Sena Tufftalk Integrated Helmet Mount System
  • Short Clear or Tinted Visor
  • Radio Cable of your choice

Learn more about these great communication helmets by clicking on either of the pictures here.

Sena Tufftalk Integrated Com System

    Instant intercom communication allows for seamless interactions during flight

    Talk freely with up to 4 headsets through Bluetooth Intercom over a distance of up to 1.4 km (using the optional long antenna, default antenna range is 800 m), speaking openly and without interruption. The Tufftalk features Bluetooth 4.1 technology, allowing you communicate in crystal-clear HD audio. The HD-quality speakers deliver audio that’s clear and precise in every condition thanks to Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ feature, ensuring that external noises won’t interfere with incoming and outgoing audio. To provide as many communication solutions as possible, these Bluetooth work earmuffs also allow the option to connect via two-way radio as an all-in-one earmuff radio .


    The Tufftalk protects from damaging external noises, as well as keeping you aware of soundings using the Ambient mode

    The Tufftalk Bluetooth earmuffs helps to dull loud, distracting noises for optimum comfort as well as providing the necessary protection from permanent damage to your hearing, making it the ideal solution for noisy work environments. Important external sounds can also be amplified using the Ambient Mode feature to increase the awareness of your surroundings and hear unexpected sounds or calls for help, while still protected through the 24 dB audio attenuation.


    With the easy to use Jog Dial and long battery life, you can concentrate on tasks at hand with confidence

    The Tufftalk earmuffs can be used for up to 15 hours of talk time with the included Lithium Ion rechargeable battery or 12 hours of talk time using 3 x AAA batteries. The innovative and intuitive Jog Dial makes the Tufftalk simple to use, even with gloves on. Also equipped with VOX for Phone and Intercom, the voice activation makes answering calls or communicating via intercom a breeze.


    Bluetooth 4.1 keeps you securely connected to your phone and other BT enabled devices.

    Using Bluetooth 4.1, pair the Tufftalk to your favorite to your smartphone or Bluetooth music device such as an MP3 player to make or receive calls and listen to all of your music through the high quality HD speakers. You can even use the Sena Smartphone App when paired to your smartphone, allowing you to easily configure all of your settings, set up speed dial presets or create FM radio station presets to listen to through the built-in FM radio feature.


    Icaro Skyrider TZ Tufftalk Helmets now include a Short Visor (clear or tinted) and a Radio Cable.Please send us an email after ordering with Radio Connector type. Radio is NOT included.

Icaro PPG Helmets
Special Icaro Tufftalk Helmet Packages!



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