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The Powered Paragliding Bible - 7th Edition

The Powered
Paragliding Bible -
7th Edition
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About the Author

I am passionate about two things: aviation, specifically powered paragliding, and education. Having someone say "ahhhh, I see" is nearly as thrilling, in a different way of course, than nailing an important spot landing during competition.

My flying started early, at age 13, flying gliders. That started a career in aviation that eventually led to becoming a Captain at Southwest Airlines. As I've said almost every day of 737 flying, if you gotta work...

Another turning point came in 1999 when a friend asked me that fateful question "hey Jeff, you wanna go in with me on a powered paraglider?" "A what?" I responded. He expounded on this craft that completely mesmerized me, starting my journey that continues to consume expansive plots of my timescape. And a rewarding journey it has been!

   - Jeff Goin

Powered Paragliding Bible 7:

The Ultimate Paramotor Manual and Reference

PPG Bible 7 is a clear, CONCISE, and professionally-illustrated guide for anyone wanting to become an ACCOMPLISHED paramotor pilot, either footlaunch or on wheels. It is comprehensive but breaks down information into digestible chunks to make success safer and more enjoyable.

It is our most significant update to Paramotoring’s most popular book.

Most significantly, illustrations have been dramatically improved, enlarged, and made more clear. There are more of them, at better clarity, and more relevance. The entire book has been rebuilt using industry-leading software that allowed much better cross-referencing.

It builds on our most successful book to date, with every section significantly updated.

We take you from first sight to first flight and way beyond. The Equipment content and illustrations now reflect what has become the defacto standard in paramotor gear, including appropriate training gear through competition-winning gear.

You’ll find out what the sport is about, what a skilled pilot is capable of, and how to become that skilled pilot. Not just the specific twists of technique, but how to practice, how to know you’ve got it, where the dark corners lurk, and how to avoid them. And it dispels many stubborn myths.

Even if you’re just curious about what paramotoring is all about, including the search for training, then this book is perfect. More than any edition before, it will help you learn, then excel as a paramotor pilot.




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