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Ventura to Santa Barbara
Flyke Obsession
WAG Qualifier, Greenville, IL
Salton Sea November Fly-In
Flyin' the Gypsy Airport
April Balloon Festival
Intaglios - Geoglyphs in the Desert
Trikes & Flykes
More Trikes & Flykes
Flight from the DeBruin Farm
El Mirage Dry Lake, July 2006
A Visit to White Ledge
What a Rush - Bruce's New Wing!
TaxDay 2006
Salton Sea Fly-In 2006
Arizona Flying Circus 2006
Baja 2006
Evan Farmer
April Balloons
Mark's Baja Pics
Motor Meet at Port Hueneme

The Gallery

Miniplane Gallery
TrikeBuggy Video Gallery
The Fabric of Paragliding

Articles & Tips:
2009 World Air Games
Should I Buy or Fly?
PPG Buyer's Guide
Crossing Over to the Dark Side!
Powering to the Thermals
Why Paramotoring?
The Benefits of AVgas
Custom Canopy Artwork on Wings
Line Shrinkage
The Lefty Bar
Gas Mix Ratios
Preflight Checklist
PPG Piloting Considerations
Reserve Deployment Sequence
Sky Vector Airspace Maps
Flight Corrections!
Interview with Mathieu Rouanet

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