Should I Buy or Fly?Enlarge Photo

What comes first - my equipment or my lessons?

Many people ask us whether they should buy their powered paragliding equipment first, then get trained. Many dealers are keen to sell you their package right away. Often they only sell one brand, and they push this very effectively as the "best paramotor" on the market. The fact is, there is no "best" brand for everyone - there are many good manufacturers of powered paraglider motor units, and many more excellent choices of paraglider wings available. What is best among these for you is a personal decision.

Who is the Expert?
With the help of the internet, we can now all become "experts" in just about everything there is to know. The problem with this in paramotoring is that you have no idea what a Trekking wing feels like compared to an Ozone wing unless you try them. People talk until they are blue in the face about the way their motor is built of the best materials to exacting standards that no one else does, or how their wing has the best performance and is the "safest" wing for new pilots. A new pilot can research and read all the reviews and statistics of any wing or motor out there, and still not know what they feel like when they are flying them.

Start with Flight!
At American Paragliding, we think you should start with a day lesson. On this first day, you will fly from the top of our hill and see whether paragliding is what you thought it was. Even if you're sure you want to fly this remarkable craft, you can still get a better idea of what will be important, in terms of the "feel" of the wing.

Try Before You Buy
We carry many different motor brands as well, and don't necessarily "push" any one brand. We believe that you can look at the different motors during the course of your instruction, put them on, walk around with them, even start them up and feel each one's thrust. Only then will you really be able to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each paramotor in relation to how you want to fly.

What's the Rush?
Often dealers will tell you that their special deal is a "Limited Time Offer". Perhaps this is true, perhaps very limited indeed! Some dealers or manufacturers are here today and gone tomorrow. But more often, we offer the exact same special package that you will find in other places for the same price - every day of the week!. In this case, there is little need to rush into a purchase immediately.

Develop a Relationship
A good instructor will listen to your needs and concerns, and always work within your comfort level during your lessons. Your instructor should also look at your learning style, your ability and your aspirations, and be able to accurately recommend the best paraglider and motor for you, based on their observations.