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Impuls PPG Trike Combo

Roll into Ultralight Flight with this Great PPG Trike Combo!

Combo: Impuls Paramotor & FX-1 PPG Trike

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This Combination by Impuls is a great way to get airborne! An Impuls Paramotor and the FX-1 Trike are light and easy to transport due to the simple and brilliant trike and cage design. All you add is your choice of Glider. See our Complete Packages HERE!

Impuls FX-1 PPG Trike
What is a PPG Trike? A PPG Trike is simply a powered paraglider backpack motor unit mounted to a three wheeled foot steerable trike, using a standard paraglider wing to achieve flight. The Impuls FX-1 PPG Trike is light, around 80-90 pounds including the motor and trike. Motor size is 80cc or 185cc, and the backpack motor is removable for foot-launched flight as well (with the same wing).


  • No carrying the heavy motor unit on your back!
  • No more running forward launches!
  • Rolling easily into flight!
  • Landing in no-wind conditions with no running!

Save your knees, legs and ankles and say goodbye to broken props and cages. With proper training, this new PPG Trike will make those calm condition flights not just possible, but fun and easy!

You'll actually smile when the other pilots worry about whether they can do a no-wind launch (not to mention the landing!) when the air is smooth and sweet. Knowing that you can taxi along after inflation and roll right into a controlled launch will give you a new sense of confidence and enjoyment.

Enjoy the air during your flight in the same comfortable seated position without having to try to get back into the seat - you are already there! Descend into your landing at full speed, add just a touch of throttle and a gentle flare to round out the approach and roll into a superb touchdown!

The FX-1 PPG Trike is specially made for the Impuls Paramotor (see navbar above for links). Construction is Steel and Aluminum, powder-coated for an awesome look! The rear wheels and axles are easily removable for transport and the frame provides support for the harness while taxiing.

Impuls Paramotors are available in these delicious flavors:

Minari ParamotorImpuls Paramotors has designed a four-part aluminum cage that helps to ensure the highest possible safety. Its construction provides shock dissipation so that the impact energy is spread throughout the frame which improves security and protects the engine against damage. The Cage sections are easily disassembled and organized in the included Cage Section Transport Bag.

Impuls PPG Trike & Paramotor - All you add is your wing!

  • Impuls FX-1 PPG Trike
  • Impuls Paramotor of your choice
  • E-Props Carbon Propeller
  • Impuls Custom Harness
  • 12 Liter Fuel Tank
  • Cage Section Transport Bag


Impuls Paramotor & Trike Combo Prices

Top 80 FX-1 Combo $7445 (79 lbs)

Atom 80 FX-1 Combo $7545 (79 lbs)

Moster Plus Manual Start FX-1 Combo $8345 (89 lbs)

Moster Plus Dual Start FX-1 Combo $9045 (92 lbs)


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