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Powered Paragliding Products

Powered Paragliding products are specially designed for this type of use. Modern technology has improved our aircraft over the years, and we are enjoying some of the best performance and safety features ever!

Impulse Paramotor


Powered Paragliding Flight Packages - Everything you need to fly.

These packages are a great flight kit with just what you need to get started in powered paragliding. All you need to add is your training.

Impulse Paramotor


The motor that powers us to dizzying heights is nothing short of remarkable.

These lightweight engines have an incredible power to weight ratio, start easily and are fitted onto a backpack that you can easily walk around with.



Today's modern paraglider is a marvel of fabric and lines.

Now certified to strict standards, the new wings are safer, more stable and have better performance than ever before.



Powered Paragliding Trikes are just plain fun!

PPG Trikes allow a pilot to launch easily when there is no wind - the most challenging PPG launch condition.

Icaro TZ Skyrider Tufftalk PPG Helmet


Icaro took the time to find out what pilots wanted in a communication helmet and this is the result.

The combination of the quality of workmanship, materials used, great looks and affordable price will make this helmet the first choice among PPG pilots.

Icaro TZ Skyrider Tufftalk PPG Helmet


Propellers are Works of Art.

Propellers are actually super efficient airfoils, transferring the energy of your paramotor engine into thrust against the air so that we can enjoy this magnificent sport!




Simply put, Onewheel lets you carve all season, hack your commute and dominate any terrain. Try to wipe that grin off your face!




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