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Impuls Paramotor Parts

Impuls Paramotors:
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   Impuls Top 80
   Impuls Atom 80
   Impuls Moster Plus
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   Impuls Paramotors
   Impuls Parts
PPG Trike Combos:
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The Impuls Paramotor Frame and Cage is Simple and Strong!

This new paramotor features a robust Aluminum Frame with a rigid cage, made with Carbon Fiber Struts and an Aluminum Cage Ring. The cage goes together and comes apart quickly for easy transport. Check out this short video showing how easy this paramotor cage is to assemble!


Impuls Paramotor Spare Parts - In case of an unexpected difficult take-off or hard landing.

Impuls Frame/Cage/Tank Package

Impuls Aluminum Paramotor Frame/Cage/Tank

Add your own engine and harness! 



Impuls Frame
Impuls Aluminum Paramotor Frame Only (no tank)





Impuls Fuel Tank
14L Fuel Tank Only


Impuls Air Harness
Low Hook-In point, built for the best in-flight comfort. All metal elements come from AustriAlpin.

Weight: 3.5 kg.

Max Pilot Weight: 100 kg.

Materials: Cordura, Neoprene, Nylon and Polyester.


Impuls Cage & Net
Replacement Outer Ring & Netting



Impuls Carbon Spar
Replacement Carbon Spar
(please indicate short or long)


Impuls Carbon Starter Spar
Replacement Starter Spar Only (short)


Impuls Starter Link
Starter Link & Loop Only


Impuls Starter Link & Pulley
Starter Link & Pulley


Impuls Cage & Spar Bag
Carry Bag for Impuls Cage, Spars, Carbon 2-piece Propeller and Prop Bolts & Plate


Impuls Spar Roll Bag
Roll-Up Bag for Impuls Carbon Spars with Velcro Strap
(does not include Spars)


Impuls Netting Kit
Replacement Netting Kit


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