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Parajet Paramotors

The Sky's Your Playground!

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Paramotoring Products:

Parajet introduces you to the exciting world of paramotoring, an incredible new sport which brings the dream of personal flight to everyone!

The Parajet powered paraglider (PPG) or paramotor makes flying possible for everyone, it is safe, easy to learn and so compact it can be folded into a couple of travel bags and taken anywhere in the world. With no airstrip, flying hill or licensing necessary the Parajet is the hassle free route into the sky.

Parajet Paramotors are a perfect power plant for the solo or tandem powered paragliding! Their motors are powerful and reliable, not to mention sleek and stylish. The Parajet Rotron 294cc Rotary motor boasts an incredible 40HP engine with more power than any other paramotor available today!


Parajet Paramotors

Volution2 Macro

Volution Technical Specs


Designed for long distance flying and heavy weight pilots. The Volution2 Macro is design specifically for the dedicated long distance flyer and the heavy weight pilots of 220 lbs or more who wants serious power.

Equipped with our latest 51” Scimitar carbon prop the Macro boasts an incredible 3-4 hour flight range from it’s 14 litre fuel tank.  Powered by our purpose designed and manufactured Parajet engine, the Macro produces a staggering 154 lbs of thrust.

For the average weight pilot, it’s designed to cruise in level flight at only quarter throttle making it smooth, quiet and incredibly fuel economical.  The aerofoil, high strength structure makes it incredibly rugged and the aerodynamic styling is completely unique to Parajet. The Macro was designed for ultimate efficiency, power and strength and the cage splits into three sections making it easy to transport.  If you want serious thrust and long range….this is the Parajet for you!!

  • Perfect for long distance flying - 3-4 hour flight range from its 14 litre fuel tank
  • Ultimate efficiency, power and strength - produces a staggering 70kg of thrust
  • Fitted with the latest 1.3 metre carbon fibre Scimitar propeller
  • Ideal for heavier pilots - 65-160kg weight range

Why the Parajet Volution 2?

Cyclone 294cc Macro

Parajet's 294cc Rotron Paramotor!


Thrust and adrenaline - the Cyclone 294cc Macro creates both in fractions of a second. Developed as the ultimate power unit, the 40 horsepower Rotron 294cc engine is just waiting to be released. It does so with such directness and intensity that you will feel completely at ease with the impressive 92kg of thrust. The Rotron 294cc delivers the highest power to weight ratio of any paramotor engine in the world and achieves such performance with less noise and zero reciprocating vibration.

When it comes to its sexy looks, there is no compromise. Equipped with the latest Scimitar carbon prop, ergonomic weight-shift harness, 14 litre fuel tank and unique aerofoil cage - the Cyclone 294cc Macro’s sleek and stylish design far outweighs the ‘standard look’ you might come across when looking for your paramotor.

“Parajet continues to come up with new, innovative gear…... It is easily the most powerful paramotor I’ve yet flown and also the first one I was unable to go to full power on. They’ve done a remarkable job, I have to say, engineering something light enough for foot launch but with a huge amount of thrust. I was extremely pleased and a bit surprised. The power I expected, the well-implemented torque management and quiet running were pleasant plusses. This is a polished machine that will make its experienced owner proud.”
        -Jeff Goin - 01/02/2010 - Salton Sea

Download the Parajet Brochure (PDF)

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