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New! Paraglider Magazine has gone digital! Now, you'll be able to view the magazine online, as well as download an offline version to take with you on your laptop and read at your convenience, AND they will also be adding multimedia elements to the magazine in future issues to make your magazine experience just that much better!

The new Digital Editions are not only "treeless", but also fully searchable, and include links right in the magazine to all the related websites to make finding the information you want just that much easier! The current issue, pictured here on the left, is being offered absolutely free for a limited time - check it out!

“I just received the new issue of Paraglider Magazine and I just want to say WOW!  Lots of cool pictures, international info, and lots of instructional stuff.  Congratulations, this is truly an incredible magazine with a wealth of prime information and dazzling images.” –  Jim Booth, GA

“I want to thank you and the rest of the team at Paraglider Magazine for the amazing publication.  I really didn't know what I was going to get when I initially subscribed, but the magazine has far exceeded anything I would have hoped for.  The photos, the reviews, the tips—everything about the contents and production are top notch and far exceed anything else I have seen.  Keep up the good work!” –  Rich Leggett, CA

“I'm very impressed with your attention to detail and convenience of response and payment.  And, I am very happy you have forwarded everything I have asked for.  OUTSTANDING!  You guys are off to a great start not to mention a quality magazine!!!  Loyal subscriber already.  Cross Country who? . . . ” –  Tom Hampton, CA

 “After receiving your latest issue on a Friday, the weekend was saved.  I found the article about propeller balancing by Robert Rumbolt so interesting that I contacted him right away.  Even though I couldn't find all the parts I needed at the local store, Robin offered to send me the parts from USA—even if the shipping cost was more than the parts themselves!  What a great guy!  More stuff about paramotoring is indeed welcome. :-)  Congratulations on a great magazine!” –  Bjornar Trondsen, PPG Instructor, Norway 

“Really well done magazine.  I will continue to be a loyal subscriber for a long time to come!” –  John Kloer, CA

“Just received my first issue.  The mag looks fantastic!  Great photos, layout, graphic design. Absolutely stunning.  Thanks to all that helped create (and fund) this project.  Best of luck in it’s continued success.” –   Morey Brown, AZ

 “WOW!  What more can I say?  I love it.  You got me for life.” –   Lee Willcox, TX

Paraglider Magazine
Now merged with XC Mag!

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