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Tandem Paramotor Flights

Enjoy the Friendly Skies on a Tandem Instructional Flight!

PPG Tandem Flight

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A Taste of Flying like a Bird!

Take to the skies with one of our Certified Tandem Instructors on a Tandem Paramotor Flight today! This remarkable aircraft allows us to launch from virtually any field, open area or beach and climb to dizzying heights for incredible views! If you are able to run for a short distance, then you are fit enough for a Tandem Paramotor Flight.

We'll meet at one of our launch areas, and after a short breifing and setup, we will step into the sky using a modern paraglider specially made for carrying two persons. Powered by a backpack Paramotor, we can climb from flat ground to a thousand feet or more, or simply skim along the ground enjoying the sensation of flight. You simple sit back and enjoy once we are launched. Don't forget to bring your camera, but make sure it has a lanyard so you won't drop it!

Our Tandem Powered Paragliding Flights are about 20 minutes long, but can last as long as you like. PPG Tandem Instructional Flights are done legally through an exemption granted by the FAA for Ultralight Vehicles as a training flight. You are our student pilot! While you wil certainly going to learn about our unique form of flight, this first flight will require little more from you than a bit of running to get launched, and a short run during landing. Our Instructor will pilot the aircraft, and you can simply enjoy the ride. Watch a short video of a recent flight from the beach...

You will need to read and sign our waivers in order to engage in a Tandem Paramotor Flight. You can see those waivers here:

When you make your reservation, we will send you an email with all the information you'll need to find the flying area, plus pointers on what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect. Make your reservation today, and tomorrow, you could be flying with the greatest of ease!

Tandem Paramotor Instructional Flight

We look forward to sharing the friendly skies with you soon!

     -The American Paragliding Team

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