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Paramotoring Products:

MAH Blades Carbon Fiber Propellers

For Powered Paragliders and Paramotors

These Carbon Fiber Propellers are some of the best props you will ever attach to your motor!

These propellers are of the highest quality and are FULL CARBON with see through construction. They are extremely light weight - the 49 inch props weighs less than 2 lbs.

The MAH propellers resist chipping and sandblasting (beach flying) very well and do not explode on impact. They are much less of a hazard than a wooden prop. The light weight has less torque, less vibration, faster spool up and less strain on redrive components.

The MAH made propellers actually surpass most stock props in weight, looks, finish and ease of assembly.


Please choose carefully. Due to the delicate nature of propellers, returns are limited. We cannot accept returns on propellers once they have been bolted to the engine. We will not accept returns on propellers that have been wound up or flown even once.

Propellers must be packed very carefully as they are easy to damage in shipping. We suggest a good deal of extra padding and cardboard to protect the ends. If the propeller is damaged during return shipping we will not be able to issue you a refund, so consider insuring it with the shipper so you have financial remedy if it is damaged.

Stuff Tarp Drawstring Bag
Black Devil Propeller.

Mah Blades Black Devil Propeller. $395

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Stuff Tarp Drawstring BagTop 80 Propeller.

The Top 80 motor has a right-hand rotation, so a unique propeller is needed for this motor.

MAH Blades Top 80 Propeller, complete. $395

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